Nature—physics is based on the quantum level, and from there is the macro-world's mass-energy equaivalence: E = mc2. Links to Other Documents on the Web
Sience is working with particles/objects having ability to do . . . , therefore particles used to have energy. Yet particles—subatomic particles—comprise the smallest original particles, and when they escape from them, they are classified by energy. Since the all real in nature moving by a speed has the kinetic energy, so has every constituent of matter. It means, when it hits something, there creates a force of such a collision. The smallest traveling reality is a photon having energy, h (the Planck energy). This energy causes for instance the electron to jump in an orbit located farther from the nucleus, and therefore it is firstly the kinetic energy. However, when the photon is absorbed (lost its linear momentum), then this real quantum adds an electric and magnetic energy to an acceptor. Therefore, a moving quantum of the reality used to be called the electromagnetic energy or electromagnetic wave. Thus, the speed of the quantum of energy is, c = wavelength—l/time-period—T, so that is a wave. the book

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To have relation between quantum parts of subatomic particles and photons means to have an equation between energy, E, and mass, m. Therefore, we need express energy of the original particles in conditions as photons got, so that a time is a time-period and a speed is c.

An object/particle of the original matter can own the mechanical energy, which expresses the ability to do work. A work means a force, F, acting on a displacement—distance. A distance is a wavelength for the quantum of the electromagnetic energy and so E=Fl

A force must be this one, which comes from motion; according to Newton’s Laws a force is its momentum per time, where the linear momentum is a mass times a speed. Here mass is a mass related to the quantum of energy and so we have to call it a quantum mass, m. Speed is the speed for a photon and so is c. Then, F=mc/T. Then, the quantum of mass is transformed to the quantum of energy according to the equation h = mcl /T. Here l /T =c, and so we have h=mc2. This is the mass-energy equivalence, so is the relation between the quantum of energy and the quantum of mass.

Total energy for other photons numbered by a number n is a multiple quantum—h by a number—n, so E=nh. The same for mass, and so m=nm. Hence, when we rewrite h=mc2 to nh=nmc2, we get the final result E=mc2.

We have found that the quantum of energy comes to exist from the quantum of matter, like Sun’s matter produces energy (,which heat us). Thus, we uproot the considering “a quantum of energy does not have any relation to the quantum of mass”, so to particles. Quantum Physics works with the quantum of energy as the primary source of nature and not with the quantum particle. Since they give a mathematical description to the quantum of energy, then Quantum Physics is the modern numerology—quantumology and so is not a natural science, it is the strange philosophy.

Whether we go by the nature’s way that an energy is an effect of a particle or by the modern (Einstein’s) way, E=mc2, we come to the conclusion that the energy could not be origin of our world as Quantum Physics of Field proclaims. The origin is the quantum particle, which when is ‘jailed’ in structures of subatomic particles gives mass to it, and when is free, it is the quantum of energy, so is the quantum particle traveling by the speed c in a wave form.

The quantum physics of field has particles as excited state of energetic fields, and then the all particles for the Standard Model of Particles are just excitements of (real) energetic fields existing everywhere in nature. Since any excitement needs a force to come to exist, therefore the authors of quantum physics of fields need a ‘supernatural’ force to create their particles for the Standard Model.

Their above-mentioned ‘scientific’ saying can be translated in laic meaning as: a supernatural energy (or energy of a supernatural being) has existed in order to produce the material things, livings and beings. Hence, Quantum Physics of Fields is a religious theory. If this theory is taught in schools, then those teachers are ‘gurus’; and when some men try to realize it, then they are alchemists of the new age. Besides of creating the original matter from nothing (idealism), some of them create additional dimensions to nature, others create forces from geometry (mathematics), and others use probability to have virtual particles, which according to someone are real particles of the original matter, and the other even change time so that our timely would not have the firm standard for time to calculate our existence. All these are just misconceptions from found some deviations in nature when the research has advanced to the smallest levels and to high speeds. Instead to apply the natural laws (this is a duty of each physicist) for the quantum level and for high speeds of quantum particles, they rather has introduced the new theorems which are against the essence of nature—against physics—against materialism.

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