Today, theoretical physics solves the mystery of what is behind original matter and original force. Its adherents have found that everything is a part of a "force" presented as a force field. Since force is expressed as acting energy, a universal energy field must therefore exist. An energy field can have many component fields (electric, electromagnetic, Higgs bosons and so on). When a force interferes with a field, a particle is created. From there arise all the particles in nature: subatomic particles, chemicals, and the biology of living things. Hence, we are all just a part of a "Force." As far as particles go, their existence is just an illusion. What experimental physics records as particles are just excited states of fields that exist throughout all universe. The particle is a wave function of a part of an energetic field (hence a quantum) and probability distributions that are spread over a large area. Particles have a range of value for all properties, until you experimentally measure one of them. At measurement, the particle's wave function collapses and it adopts just one location as a point particle. Thus, the collapse of wave function, because is measured or sensed, produces the concrete reality that we perceive to exist. What is missing here is who has implemented all this existing and functioning. Now we know that the "mind" of theoretic physicists implement this theory. But who was there at first, at the beginning?

Hinduism teaches that it was "Om," sometimes called a universal mind. It manifests existence in the form of gods, peoples, trees, chemicals, and therefore all subatomic particles. It is omnipotent and so is present in all forces, and is omnipresent everywhere in the universe, even in a vacuum. Om is also present in time--past, present and future. Its presence manifests as vibration.

Hence, the concept of quantum theory of fields is basically the Hindu concept of the one named Om. Reality is illusion, merely the way we perceive the field and its excitements. Thus, the real is this what we do not sense. And this is what employs our minds and takes money from our wallets. Instead of using money to make progress in the field of physics, we finance professors (gurus) of quantum field theory (Hindu philosophy) who lead us from materialism to idealism, and finance programs to find supporting evidence for scientific Hinduism, not programs to progress in real physics.

I believe that quantum field theory and Einstein's Relativity theories should be excluded from physics and from all universities. Then physics might begin to advance again. Thus, we need

  1. to confirm the structures of baryons by detecting strong gravitational impulses when baryons are broken, (protons broken in LHC),
  2. to measure the influence of gravity on emission spectra (and thus gravity on an atomic clock),
  3. to detect dilation of gravitational field on objects still and in motion,
  4. to detect the influence of electromagnetic radiation on emission spectra (thus electromagnetic radiation onto an atomic clock),
  5. to find how inner and surface quantum particles of the original particles influence to mass/energy equivalence E = mc2 (since only 1% of this equivalence was valid in breaking baryons in colliders),
  6. to verify detecting neutrinos as magnetic particles,
  7. to find dilation of speed of neutrinos traveling in a vaccum and through matter,
  8. and so on.

I hope this, my physical approach to subatomic physics, will help to resurrect the materialist view as the dominant view in particle physics and the physics of forces.

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